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LMW has two main facilities - one located in Wabush, NF, and the other located in Bathurst, NB. Both shops offer a full range of steel fabrication, welding, and heavy equipment repair services. The Wabush facility is also the regions only Parker Hose and Fitting distributor - the 'Parker Store'. Both shops have a highly trained staff of engineers, technicians, fabricators, welders, and mechanics on hand to meet customer's demands. Service is avaialbe in both French and English at both locations. 

Wabush, Newfoundland

LMW's Wabush, NF production facility is 20,000 sqft and is located in the Wabush Industrial Park.

                                              60 TON+ LIFTING CAPACITY!


Bathurst, New Brunswick

LMW's Bathurst, NB production facility is over 20,000 sqft and is located in the Bathurst Industrial Park.

Labrador Metal Works (LMW)
Labrador Metal Works (LMW)
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